A Short Commentary on "Go-go Dancing"

I would love to see "go-go dancers" (ESPECIALLY the ones that actually get put on fliers and given "promotional attention" but don't do anything at parties but dance around) spend time directly encouraging other people to act more freely ("get loose") and promote a positive atmosphere of open self-expression.

To me, anyone who dresses up in a certain way and just dances at a party should be considered another random party-goer who happened to dress in a certain fashion. I don't mean to be harsh to go-go dancers... you know what - maybe people should deserve attention if they are actually trying to do something unique. Perhaps the fact that what most go-go dancers do at raves is considered "unique" speaks more to how passive the regular party-goer has become.

What bothers me about go-go dancers is the potential for them to come off as purely sexual visual entertainment - which is fine for what it is, but then let's call it for what it is. Personally, everytime I see a couple scantily clad girls on a stage, shaking their asses off-beat while wearing an emotionless face... well I just want to hop up there with 10 other people and start bouncing up and down and giggin' to the music with big toothy grins : )

Not all go-go dancers are like the example I just gave. Also, I can guess why event organizers want to have dancers that provide "something to look at" for everyone else. But "rave" as sexualized, passive entertainment is a concept that I am very hesitant to consistently put money towards. If you have a place where people can really express themselves, you're going to get the sexual element - along with everything else - naturally. I don't think there's a real need to put that kind of thing on a pedestal.

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