I Left You

I’m in a park.

This isn’t meant to be exciting.

It’s just going to last a few more moments.

Idle days, interrupted?

Did you kiss me like that?

Short, unhindered, eager.

I had to start swimming, away, the rolling tide, repetitive and rhythmic.

This, calming all the souls of the within.

I could feel your beautiful shape in my hands.

And we did connect on so many simple levels.

Like children and horns screeching into the air, planes bellowing from upstairs

No place for me to be, this outdoor splendor. Tired and weary of the cold ground at night, even the green ground that has smiled on me before. Not everyone comes in as a friend.

Stare into the sky and count clouds passing by. Let the sun smear my clarity with self-awareness.

Did you hold me and sigh the way I do now?
Did you clutch at that which is fading?
Did you leave unexpected?

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