March of Shadows

Everyone stays awake too long.
Is it just me or does it seem like the background slips my mind too much.

A whirlwind of noise and thought and THEY DROPPED EVERYTHING on my mind and it splattered EVERYWHERE look at this mess

  I w m  o q    jiji  en   so   e   k     d

What in the world can we make of this? To travel underground, into the darkness, nearly deaf with weariness, with a version of death humming alongside our wings.

The underworld does not take you lightly. A processional of sorts awaits as you climb into the passage and slip easily into the home of modern day humanity’s thanatopic paradise.

The darkness can seem to last an eternity, as you shift away from your gentle upbringing. Your doctor says the sun is bound to return, but you’re unwilling to listen. As this happens, the ceremony cuts away at your life and your morality

It starts with a bang and you’re off. The specters crowd your case, and they are a harsh eye, protecting you.

But there’s not so much sadness in the whole thing. Serious, and sure-handed, but not unwilling too open up their eyes. More interested in your safe passage.

Down the road. The spirals. The levels uncountable.

I’m about ready to pass out. It’s long and lots of darkness.

That’s the way to go. The further you go, the more it’s easier to give into it. A winding staircase shaking away the cobwebs, into the never-ending

Get in line

Go Back.