Musical Diversity at Events

In response to the question: There used to be a time when long dance music events would have 3 or 4 DJs playing over 12 hours. Now, 45 minute DJ sets are not uncommon. Why have so many different DJs doing different styles throughout the night? Doesn't that create bad "musical flow" for the listener? Don't you think a more thematic approach would work better to attract people to parties?

OK, sure.
If you wanted to make a ton of money at a party, you probably just are looking to "attract people" and thus the best way to do so would be to book the top guys on this list:
That's your thematic event: the "top DJs" in the world.

If you're of age, you can pretty much listen to one kind of genre all night long at plenty of places... on the other hand, how many legit venues switch up musical genres every hour or two?

Some promoters might believe that bringing together a diverse collection of music and opening up people's ears to different sounds is more important/meaningful than just trying to pack a party. In this sense, the party isn't for "everyone" because many people have strong biases for or against various kinds of music, and it takes a certain kind of mindset to be able to listen to and groove to a night of 10 different genres.

When you hear something that doesn't immediately give you a good response (that musically-influenced dopamine kick), do you:
a) never want to hear it again and avoid it like the plague, or
b) listen to 8 straight hours of it, to understand it better?

Obviously these are extreme options, but I think my point is made. If you are sick of musically diverse events then you should find 50 of your close friends to throw a party that ONLY plays your favorite kind of music.

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