On Depression

Stay busy in life. Do something you like to do for fun.

Make something. Listen to really good music and dance around. Take pictures of your neighborhood and make a collage. Cook a meal for a friend. Clean your room. Call all the people in your phone book you haven't talked to in a while and catch up. Go for a jog to a place you've never been before. Just do something that FOCUSES your mind.

Preferably, it's something that could be productive. But it doesn't have to necessarily be. Pig out on junk food. Play video games for hours. Masturbate repeatedly.

Sleeping can be difficult without help. Some of the suggested psychoactives might work. Usually if I'm busy enough, I collapse in bed immediately at night.

A caveat here - some have suggested that doing these things only makes you numb to underlying reasons... but I disagree...

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