On Why To Be Involved

My interest in being involved comes from a fortunate intersection of individual passions and the interests of a local community... turns out being engaged is also a way to directly connect with contributing to a society.

My day job work requires a higher level of abstraction, so outside of that I figure I might as well try to give back in more tangible ways.

I've spent a good amount of time with people who have moved beyond youth culture and are doing "bigger and better things" (*cough* burners *cough*). I still keep in touch and even party with them sometimes, because they have a lot of wisdom to pass on.

I think it's important for these alternative spaces to exist. Before last year, I had forgotten how young some people are when they come across all of this - and so there's some responsibility to being an enabler in "the scene." But ultimately, it's beautiful to see people come together as well.

Or maybe it's just about partying.


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