Pop Pop

Beans in the frying pan, a layer of vegetable oil underneath, heat traveling into the metal, kinetic energy bursts shooting through solid and liquid matter, explosions of movement and motion sending these small pebbles up several centimeters

A backyard scene, fences down, gates unlocked and doors open. In the land of ever-changing weather, a bright day, light breeze, and the mood is pleasant. Finally something stable. Not a cloud in sight and there are friends and families bustling around. Joy and laughter scattered across the field. Someone carries the plates from the kitchen. A warm face beckons those more inclined to spend their time enclosed in walls to come outside, while the people already scrambling in the sun eagerly await the arrival of lunch. Excitement and adrenaline, impatiently rambling around, bouncing up and down, playing on a black trampoline

The sound of gunfire rattles down the hall, surprise like an electric shock, now especially disturbing in the context of an otherwise harmless moment. Somewhere away from the sun, brick and stone and wood have decided to create darkness, sealing away the ominous gaze of white and yellow rays, streaming through even the smallest cracks. Capturing the flame gave way to a prolonged day. It’s in the unnatural darkness and the unseen that people do not understand, and that makes this even more unusual. Bullets ricochet through the rooms, splintering the wardens of darkness

Light pours in. It was an empty house by then, and the children were far away, and the couples and the siblings and uncles and aunts still laughed at the trivialities of comfortable life. Baked in the warmth of an afternoon ever-forgiving, the party essentially remained ignorant. But somebody must have heard that pulsing rattle though, because a hurried few made their way inside, towards the origin of the sound, footsteps echoing up the stairs through the house

Inside, the people of darkness could not contain themselves anymore. Holes in the wall bring in beams of color and the pitch black dissipates.

The funny thing about light is that it travels long distances just to be heard.

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