Event Promotion

If you want a party to be different, promote it to different people and not to the ones that you complain about.

Honestly, nothing really will stop anyone from posting any kind of event on a public calendar.

The "underground" aspect can either refer literally to underground events (i.e. illegal in some manner) or "underground" music. In my opinion EDM as a music genre is still very underground at a national level and probably somewhat at a local level too:
1) Most people would probably just call it all techno
2) Most people probably have never heard of Tiesto or deadmau5, but everyone knows of Jay-Z or Lady Gaga
3) Most people understand that there is a long, rich history of rock music, whereas EDM is probably seen as just a temporary fad

There is overlap, sometimes significant, between people/music found at clubs and people/music found at underground events. I think that if you find an event posted in bad taste, you could reply to it with your opinion so that no one thinks they are walking into a "rave" when you believe the event is more "clubby" than anything else.

Personally, I like to share events that
1) will feature "underground" music (live PA, drum and bass/hardcore, dubstep, etc.), even if the event is held at a club, or
2) have publicly posted promotions (i.e. public event on Facebook) but are "underground" events (see 4<3 or Mallabel for examples of this), or
3) are free/outdoor day parties, which (in my experience) tend to capture a spirit more similar to "underground" events than clubs, in terms of general positivity and "being there for fun."

On a side note... I have received some flack for posting a bunch of different events in the past... but honestly, if you are a promoter and your public Facebook event has 1500+ invitees, do you really think your promotions are that underground?

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