See It Coming

Thumps and massages
Fiddling with my silver jewelry, finger tracing up my arm, bloody fingernail trailing up my arm and veins calm, waiting for the caffeine to surge and pulse into everything

You know when you have to go, but you just hold it in for some inexplicable reason?

Sensitive and sore, the previous night trying to burn a hole at various points across the surface of the nail, drain out the blood… but the cut was too fresh, and the blood was dried, and the pain not easily ignored. So, I ended up with a few awkward shapes scarred into my finger, and the whole thing was still dried blood. No draining.

Sometimes I like to stay in bed, in spite of it all.

A wall covered in newspapers, or at least what looks like newspapers. You know that black and white print style, right. It’s not actually newspapers. Someone decided to cut out all these pages from a Bible, and upon closer inspection you can kind of tell because all the pages are the same size right, because books have the same size pages.

Yeah, it’s really obvious now. Tattoo stickers and a trash bag filled with Starburst wrappers. Colorful bag pinned to the wall with clear tape. Sharp words in Sharpie scrawled across the pages, layers of pages cut up and put together in a piecemeal fashion.

Almost nothing in none of the time we argue about nothing.

Dry ice chunks against the wall. I literally just have to walk two blocks to the store to get some.

Some people it’s not that they like me to hate them. They were talking about something that could be factually verified and she flipped out at him and then people take sides.

Mixing stuff here and there, herbs and spices. Mixes and this.

Had never interacted and displacement of this and that. Bad and existence. Original, five minutes, cutting board, heater, air freshener, zoned out, conversation, questions, three times, remember the answers, persecution, burning it down, drunk in a year, day after, it’s not about what people are going to say, it’s about who they are going to say this to

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