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Do you only show up to take drugs?
Quite possibly.

Why do you keep coming back if you're not going to enjoy the whole reason these parties are set up? (to dance!)
See previous answer.

I go to raves and I notice cliques everywhere. It reminds me of fucking highschool.
You know some of these people are actually in high school right?

You are mistaken if you think everyone is there to just dance for 15 hours straight and get into that "trance state" or collective tribal groove. You know those videos/images of "old school raves" where people are on their feet all night long groovin' to acid house... well, I haven't seen that in real life, and something tells me I won't.

Bring your own positive vibe. Introduce yourself to anyone you'd like to meet. The more sober you are, the more careful you might be in choosing who you talk to at any given party. That "PLUR life" concept is a beautiful ideal, but people have their guard up in reality because a culture largely based on ecstasy can be relatively easy to take advantage of.

If you just want to dance, you can go to plenty of clubs in the SF Bay Area - you don't HAVE to go to an underground "ravey rave." We no longer have the luxury of falling upon something truly new and unique - this is a 20+ year old culture. There isn't necessarily some kind of instantaneous common bond between everyone at these parties. Some people have been around for years, some for weeks... of course the people who have been there before don't feel the same way as the new people. Furthermore, the music is segmented, and some people are picky. I bet you'll hear this a lot: people go for all sorts of their own reasons. The truth of it is, you might not actually have anything in common with the people that are at these parties.

Really, are you looking for someone to take your hand when you arrive and introduce you to everyone there, and expect hugs from the whole dance floor?

I'm sorry if that comes off as harsh. On one hand, you might be able to have a great time all by yourself, dancing the night away, without ever talking to anyone else. That's great. But if you want to see the whole crowd together, moving as one, and immediately welcoming to outsiders... well, you've got to provide everyone something they can agree on, and that's not easy to do at all...

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